Feel good photoshoot

A feel good photoshoot (45 minutes) costs 49 euros and always includes a 30x40 print of a photo of your choice.
You can order extra photos free of any obligation. The photoshoot is for up to 30 persons and we are open on shopping nights and weekends.

Feel good photoshoot
 45 minutes

See the photos directly after the photoshoot

Includes a 30×40
print of your choice

Price is for a photoshoot with up to 30 people

Open on shopping nights and weekends

Prijzen en mogelijkheden

Een feel good fotoshoot kost 39 euro en is altijd inclusief een 30x40 afdruk. 
Je kunt geheel vrijblijvend extra foto's bijbestellen. Bekijk de mogelijkheden en prijzen.

Feel good fotoshoot van 45 minuten

Foto's bekijken direct na je fotoshoot

Inclusief een 30×40 fotoafdruk naar keuze

De prijs is per fotoshoot ongeacht het aantal personen

Ook in het weekend en op onze koopavonden

Feel good fotoshoot

Voor €39 krijg je:

  • Feel good fotoshoot
  • Voor 1 tot 18 personen
  • Inclusief 30×40 afdruk
  • Ook mogelijk in het weekend

Geef een fotoshoot cadeau

This is how it works at Shoots & More

  1. Book your photo-shoot
    Through our online reservation form you can see the available times in the photo studio near you in real-time. Choose the place and date and make a quick and easy reservation.
  2. Come to the studio and enjoy
    You haven’t even crossed the threshold and you can feel that you are welcome. After we’ve made our personal introductions it’s time for your photo-shoot. In 45 minutes we will take many photos with various poses

  3. …time to choose!
    This is the most fun part. Immediately after the photo-shoot we show you the photos. On a large screen you’ll see the selection of your photos and choose your gift photo. Would you like to order extra photos? Let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Your most beautiful photos in a book and as a digital file

Order a happiness book with your most beautiful photos and receive all the photos from the book as a digital file!


Handmade Canvas

Regular size

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60x60 - 60x80 - 40x100


80x80 - 80x120

*Special sizes, ask for the opportunities